Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner at Thee Bungalow

For my final Restaurant Week meal, my friends and I decided on Thee Bungalow.  Since I was going to be dining with some slightly pickier eaters, we had to review several menus before making that decision.
Every table received an amuse-boucheof Beet Salad served on a spoon with a twisted handle, compliments of the chef.  The yellow beets tossed in olive oil and topped with microgreens were simple and refreshing.  For my first course: Lobster Bisque.  Nice creamy texture, but the stock was a little weak on lobster flavor.  I'd order it again. One of my friends had a deconstructed interpretation of French Onion Soup. It came in a soup dish with a cheesy crouton floating in the middle.  The focus was all on the sweet oniony beef broth  My friend, whom has never had French Onion Soup before, really enjoyed this.  
I had the New Zealand Rack of Lambs with baby carrots and baby squash.  The eight pesto crusted chops were a warm pink.  The meat was very tender and tasty, especially when it sopped up some burgandy-mustard glaze.  I was using my fork and knife at first.  After attacking most of the meat with my utensils, I switched to a more hands on approach and gnawed on the rest of the bones.  It was delish and extremely filling.  I struggled to finish my plate, but I did it. 
 Two of my friends orders the Scottish Salmon, which came with roasted purple potatoes, sauteed pea tendrils, sweet corn foam, and a pinot noir sauce.  I tried a piece and it had very good sear on the outside, moist inside layer.

Our other friend had the Beef Short Ribs with sauteed chard, truffled potatoes, and two pieces of cantelope.  The short ribs were so tender that it fell apart as soon as the fork came near it.

The Meyer lemon crème brûlée was good.  It had a nice even sugar crust.  It had a smooth custard and subtle citrus flavor.
We also pre-ordered the chocolate soufflée that is suppose to serve two for the four of us to share.  The server brought out 2 gigantic chocolate soufflées.  Even if we had not just had a complete 3 course meal, these two soufflées would have been enough for all four of us to share.  The chocolate sauce was poured table-side.  The texture was light and fluffy.  The flavor was very rich and not overly sweet.  All in all, I was very satisfied with my meal.

Parking lot alert: The parking lot is a gravel lot.  Drive in carefully or you will end up with loose gravel flying up at the sides of your car.  Also, not high-heel friendly.

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