Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mitch's Seafood

A couple of months ago, my boss treated me to lunch at Point Loma Seafood.  After lunch, we noticed Mitch's Seafood, located on the 1st floor of a 2-story building sitting by the water.  My boss and unofficial boss decided to treat me to lunch again this past week.  We decided to head over to Mitch's and found a whole lot of construction going on over there.  The building that houses Mitch's was also under construction.  Thankfully, they had a sign up saying that they were open during construction.  We went for an early lunch, so there were only 2 tables taken up when we walked in.  The menu is written on a chalkboard above the counter.  There is a decent selection of local beers on draft.  Too bad it was a work day.  There is a great view of the water and boats.  The girl at the counter was very nice and offered to answer any questions.  They had 3 different types of fishes on special: yellowtail, corvina and something else I can't recall.  I asked what corvina was and the girl said it was a mexican sea bass.  I was very close to ordering a grilled corvina fish taco, but then I spotted the calamari platter on the board.  My boss got the fish and chips and wasn't too impressed with the portion size.  There was 3 or 4 large pieces of fish in his order, which would be okay if you didn't compare his platter and mine.  Unofficial boss got 2 grilled yellowtail fish tacos.  Nice sized fillets that looked grilled to perfection. We ordered and paid at the counter and the girl brought the food to our table.  It looked great.  I love that they gave you a choice of batter fried or grilled fish for your tacos.  I always preferred a grilled fish taco.

My calamari platter was enormous and cooked perfectly.  Underneath all those crispy fried tentacles and tender rings, were crispy golden french fries.  The cocktail and tartar sauce didn't taste like they came out of a jar.  I couldn't decide which I liked more, so I alternated.  The homemade coleslaw was crunchy, not too soggy.  Though I could have used more acidity.  Not bad for $9.50.  I managed to finish off all of the calamari, but couldn't stuff more than a couple of pieces of fries.  This would be good to split with another person.  Oh, how I wish I could have ordered a beer to go along with this.  As it got closer to noon, construction workers and fishermen started drifting in for lunch.  Still, not as crowded as Point Loma Seafood.  The food came out within minutes of ordering and the prices were also great.  I definitely look forward to coming back.
Note: This place does not share the free parking lot with Point Loma Seafood.  There is an ACE parking lot in front (right across the street from Captain's Quarters).  The first 1/2 hour is free and then $1 per hour after that.  We only had to pay $1.  I can't wait to come back an try everything else on their menu board.

1403 Scott St
(between Fenelon St & Garrison St)
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 222-8787

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  1. Mitch's seafood is an unforgettable place. Everything there is premium, the service the food. However, the prices are cheaper than another places.