Monday, March 22, 2010

Classics Malt Shop

I was going through all my food photos and realized that I never did a post on the Classics Malt Shop, even though it's one of my go-to lunch spots.
This little gem is located in a food court on Midway Drive, next to Chase Bank.  Although their menu offers more exotic type burgers like ostrich and buffalo, it is not so overwhelming that it distracts from a good ol' fashioned regular beef burger with all the fixins.
I usually go for the Cheeseburger with fries and a regular soda.  Their shakes are also really good, made with real ice cream and can be a meal in itself.
The patty is well-done, but is juicy with the slice of American cheese melted right on.  The veggies and pickle are always crisp and fresh.  That all comes on a standard sesame bun.  The skin-on french fries are crispy and always hot.  Ketchup, mustard and mayo are available at the counter.  You can also ask for ranch dressing.  Nothing fancy, but just consistently good simple food and great service.
The place is family-owned and operated.  The guys who run the place are related to each other as brothers and cousins.  The chosen decor of the place reflects their love for classic cars.  Every now and again you'll see some mint condition classics in the parking lot.  Childhood pictures adorn the walls of this little place.  Try to guess who's who.  I always love this place because of the simplicity of the food, not to mention the warm and friendly service.  These guys make you feel like old friends everytime.
There's also more seating in the courtyard, which is surrounded on all sides by the other eateries in the food court.  And they ask if I want a free refill on my drink everytime as I get ready to leave.

Classic Malt Shop
3615 Midway Dr
Ste B

(between Fordham St & Kemper St)
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 226-1600


  1. I love the milkshakes here - real ice cream certainly makes a huge difference. So tasty!

  2. Mary - My friend always orders a napolean shake here